How we cost a job

We have to account for the wear on our specially engineered brushes. All our quotations are based on two passes of our specialist machine. This will give superb results in most cases.

We ask clients to be aware that further passes of the brushes are subject to an additional charge if it is necessary.

Factors that can incur more wear on the brushes are:

1. Physical depth range of surface
2. Stubbornness of Grime, Moss, Algae or Lichen
3. Client preference for depth of clean

We all have different needs and at CPGM we can tailor a budget that suits.

We're proud of our specially engineered brushes

The research and development that has gone into them has ensured we get a engineered clean that is powerful but in a way that doesn't damage the substrate or joints like jetwashers do. As the brush head spins round the sprung steel bristles bounce up and down and ping out the dirt. Our brushes give peace of mind that you won't incur expensive repair bills in the future. At their worst, jetwashers not only blast away the joint or sand between the substrates but they can often disturb the flat bed underneath. In block paving for example it is easy to force away the sharp sand bed and leave individual blocks rocking around, unstable and unsightly.